Introducing SBLive, your new Facebook Live Streaming Assistant

Live Stream like a Pro

Facebook Live Streaming Make Easy

Two things stop people from going live: "the fear and the gear." SBLive is here to help you on the "gear" part. You only need two mobile phones and you can go live like a pro with our dual camera mode and multiple predefined layout template.

Live with Dual Camera

You can now go live with 2 camera and this will provide a better experience for your viewer without moving the camera around when you are doing live streaming.

Front Camera Auto-Flip

SBLive provide feature to auto-flip the view of your front camera for better user experience (WYSIWYG). No more writing your words in mirror mode anymore.

User Comments As Marquee

New innovative way of showing user comments as marquee on top the live page. This unique feature will make your live stand out from others.

Live with Your Brand

You can add in your own brand logo in your live streaming.

Multiple Live Layout

Go Live with Predefined Layout Template.

SBLive provide multiple live layout for different scenario where you can seamlessly switch between your layout even when in the middle of your live streaming.

This is something extra to give your audience an exceptional user experience with multiple camera angle.

Design for noob to become a pro.

Other live streaming software like OBS required a powerful computer, which isn’t very intuitive and require some learning curve. What we try to achieve with SBLive is to provide a simple solution with zero learning curve where you can go live the moment you downloaded SBLive. We are working around the clock to provide more features such as eCommerce Orders and Facebook Bot integration.

If you have any extra features that you need, do drop us a message at

Start your live streaming today.

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